loki thunderstruck 2In Norse legends, Loki helps the gods, and occasionally leaves banana skins lying around for them.

In the Thunderstruck 2 pokie game, he hands out 15 free spins with a Wild Magic Feature in the Great Hall of Spins bonus game. You'll need to get in multiple times to unlock this bonus, however.

According to Norse legend, he can morph into different shapes (such as a salmon and a mare) and is eventually tied down by the gods with the entrails of one of his sons (Norse myths do tend to err on to the bloodthirsty, Viking type side). They also arrange an extreme form of Chinese water torture in which a serpent hangs out above him dripping venom onto his head, which is good wife Sigyn collects into a bowl. Every time the bowl fills up, his wife empties it- but in the meantime Loki struggles to free himself, such is the pain he is experiencing- and this translates into earthquakes for the rest of us mortals.

Loki´s parents are Fárbauti and Laufey, and he has 2 brothers: Helblindi and Býleistr.

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So what else does your man Loki get up to when he isn´t hanging around serpents causing the tectonic plates to crunch together? Well, he´s partial to a bit of flying with the other gods, and he likes a drink like most Norse gods, Mead being his favorite tipple although he has been known to enjoy a vodka Red Bull slammer or two. And he is a bit of a tart. He like the ladies, should we say.

Jack The Lad
The young Loki was a bit of a Jack the Lad- the son of two Giants, he quicly acquired a reputation of being a rascal. And being able to change shape helped his cause no end. He could morph from flea to fish to bird in millseconds.

He features in many a tale with Top God Odin and his son Thor. He persuaded Thor to cross dress and disguise himself as the bride to be of a giant. And he was always using Thor as the strongman when he needed to get things done.

Loki also like to bait and cheat the dwarves. but they got their own back by stitching him up- and we don´t mean metaphorically.  They stitched up his mouth, which kept the noise levels down for a while.

Like any red blooded male, Loki also liked to play the field and sow his oats. He had 3 wives and was always flirting with goddesses. He had 2 daughters with Glut, and more mini-gods with Angrboda, a giantess who gave birth to Hel the Underworld goddess among others. And his wife Sigyn gave birth to 2 infamous sons Narvi and Vali.

The Bad Boy God
Despite all these goddesses attempts to tame him, Loki remained a bad boy through and through. Things were never dull with this character around.....so just remember that when you get a couple Loki symbold landing on your activated paylines. Just watch your back and lock up your daughters!